Don't Let Limbs Hover Over Your Power Lines

Arrange for tree trimming services in Leechburg, Lower Burrell, or Vandergrift, PA

Hanging tree limbs can be a nuisance to deal with. They can drop debris everywhere, and they can also pose a threat to structures underneath them. If your tree has overgrown branches, it's time to call in the tree pruning expert. McGinnis Tree Service offers premier tree trimming services for those in the Leechburg, Lower Burrell, and Vandergrift, PA areas. We'll cut down your problematic branches to ensure your property is safe once more.

Height is not an issue for us. To learn more about our tree trimming expertise, call 724-622-3662 now.

Learn about our tree trimming process

In order to cut your branches safely, our tree pruning expert will:

  • Inspect the area beforehand
  • Use a lift truck to access the tree
  • Manually saw off the diseased branches

If we cannot access the tree by truck, we can manually climb the tree. You can book our services when you reach out to our company today.